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Our Mission

In the 1980’s, middle- and lower-income Americans were responsible for over 40% of the United States' GDP. Today, middle- and lower-income Americans account for less than 20% of the national GDP, while 53% of college graduates currently end up underemployed 6 months after graduation.

Meanwhile, the technology sector is growing faster than ever, creating jobs and generational wealth at a rate we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, there is currently not enough talent to support the technology industry’s growth, as we are set to have an 85 million person talent shortage by 2030.

Ideate is here to bridge this gap by providing access to the necessary credentials for underrepresented individuals to successfully break into the tech industry and make their mark. We set out to help every person have access to economic mobility and the American Dream, while helping technology companies address the ever-widening talent gap and ethical concerns in the process.


Our Partners

We work with the most forward thinking technology companies and investors to share access to diverse, pre-vetted talent, while helping educational institutions place their candidates in the best roles possible.

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